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PvP:  When you go online you will be able to make (or join) a game with your friends.  Starting from level one just like in each campaign stage, you will set out to kill targetted NPC's and each other in order to level your character up and to add to your score.  Each NPC kill will add one point to your score, while player kills will add ten.  The faster you level the easier it will be to destroy other players in combat and raise your score.  The game ends on the first player to reach a score of 250 or higher. 

Questing:  The campaign is a twelve stage single player game with an interactive questing system that allows you to make decisions that have the potential to change the world around you.  In the screenshot below, you just blew up a cave, killing quest npc's inside and blocking all access to the cave.  Decisions like this will affect your game in later stages as well.


Talents:  Each assassin will have three unique talent trees  (example below), and each talent tree will correspond to one of three categories; utility, attack, and defense.  The reason for this is because as a free-for-all game there is no support, tank, or dps roles.  This means it is up to you to build your character in a way that suits your playstyle!


Stage 2 Unveiled!

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We have moved from Kickstarter to GoFundMe

Our kickstarter was not going to reach our funding goal so we have decided to move to GoFundMe instead so that anyone interested in the rewards offered can still get them. 

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The First Few Characters Have Been Unveiled!

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