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Stage 12

Finally, it is time to battle Sevaroth.  Choose your favorite assassin to get the job done.

Stage 11

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Stage 10

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Stage 9

You have learned the staging place of Sevaroth's undead army.  Now you must infiltrate the docks, as Muriel,  to find a way to Sevaroth's hellish home world. 

The twelve stage campaign begins at a small village in the forests of avalon.  The Order Commander will send you on missions as Countess, the fastest assassin in his arsenal.  You seek to find out what is causing strange things to happen across the forest of Avalon.

Stage 2

After exhausting Countess in the Forests, The Order Commander has picked up a lead as to what may be causing strange occurences across Avalon.  For this reason you will be exploring the snow filled mountains of Avalon, crossing from cavern to cavern in search of anything to help "The Order" figure out what is going wrong.  On your adventure as Rampage, you will be communicating with the Ratkin to further understand all of the curious happenings taking place recently.


Stage 2 Unveiled!

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We have moved from Kickstarter to GoFundMe

Our kickstarter was not going to reach our funding goal so we have decided to move to GoFundMe instead so that anyone interested in the rewards offered can still get them. 

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The First Few Characters Have Been Unveiled!

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Stage 8

Stage 7

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Returning to where it all began.  Though this time, the smell of decaying flesh is in the air, and an altered landscape.  It appears the conditions are worsening as Sevaroth nears with his army.  The commander has tasked you with doing what you can to stop the spread of death through the land.

Murdock has made a deal with the kingdom of Monmouth in order to learn their hidden secrets that have the potential to keep the evil necromancer Sevarog at bay.  The Order Commander has ordered Dekker to assist Murdock in holding up their end of the deal.  However, the kingdom of Monmouth wouldn't need help with anything that wasn't significant; you'd best be prepared.

Stage 6

Stage 4

After Phase gives her information to the commander, he sends Murdock, his best scouter to Monmouth, a foreign land to the east.  Legend has it that Sevarog has attempted to raise his army before, however his plot was foiled by a lone hero.  Your job is to figure out how.

Stage 5

Stage 3

The leads in the wilderness of Avalon have led The Order Commander and his troops home to the Avalon Keep.  Dark cultists lurk in the city and they are believed to be connected to Sevaroth, a necromancer who harnesses the power of death.  It's your job on Phase to dig deeper.

Stage 1

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